How long will this take?

This really depends on the complexity of the matter. Be prepared – the Italian legal system moves slowly. With business start up there are some constraints you may not normally face in your country. At My Lawyer in Italy we know all the legal and business shortcuts that can help you move along as quickly as possible.

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How do I start the process? Do I have to travel to Italy?

No. You do not have to come to Italy. For business affairs, this can all be handled by email, fax or regular mail. For civil proceedings, you can sign a power of attorney for this matter. Begin by contacting us for an intial consultation (see contact). You may have your local attorney also get in [...]

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Can I sue someone in Italy? Can I be sued in Italy?

You are able to sue someone in Italy using proper legal procedure. My Lawyer in Italy can give you proper advice in choosing the correct court and filing papers within legal time limits which will give you a real chance to win your case. Generally, you can be sued in Italy if you are in the country. [...]

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