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Italian Dual Citizenship Experience in Rome or Florence

One way to avoid the long wait time experienced by those applying for Italian dual citizenship is to go to Italy and apply in person. We call this the Italian Dual Citizenship Experience.

It requires you to establish residency in Italy for the duration of the application process which may be accomplished in a matter of months.

Here is how it works:

1. All paperwork and documentation is completed before your arrival in Italy.
2. Residency is established with a lease agreement.
3. City Hall paperwork is completed which states your intention to apply for citizenship.
4. City official will visit your residence to confirm that you really live there.
5. Official application is made at the citizenship office.
6. During the next few months your paperwork is checked by the citizenship office.
7. When everything checks out, you will be informed that your citizenship has been approved.

My Lawyer in Italy is able to help expedite this process. We make sure that your paperwork is complete before coming to Italy. An attorney will go with you for all application appearances. We will monitor the progress as your application is reviewed. We will take you out to dinner to celebrate your new citizenship.

It actually is a complicated process with the way things happen in Italy but our professionals will help every step of the way. We suggest residence in either Rome or Florence as these cities appear to have the most experience in the area of FAST-TRACK, as well as being two of the most beautiful cities in the world.

We have residency packages that are all inclusive and will cover everything.


 And when engaged you  pay only as the work progresses!


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