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Citizenship Through Court in Rome

Court Proceeding at Court of RomeWhile you can apply for your Italian dual citizenship through an Italian Consulate anywhere in the world, or a City Hall in Italy (where you must be resident), there can be time delays and red-tape restrictions. The Court of Rome is the only competent jurisdiction in Italy to deal with bloodline (jure sanguinis) Italian citizenship cases. MY LAWYER IN ITALY can act as your Italian citizenship lawyer and attend meetings and Court hearings on your behalf, to claim your Italian Citizenship through the Court.

When the Court of Rome grants Italian Citizenship

If you apply through the Court of Rome, you do not have to be in Italy and can be represented legally by one of our professionals as your Italian citizenship attorney.

Circumstances to meet to be granted Italian citizenship through the Court in Rome are as follows:

1. When a Consulate rejects your Italian citizenship application: this is standard condition governed by statutory law.

2. When the Consulate takes more than two years to process your application (from the day you filed your paperwork): this is also a standard condition governed by statutory law.

Citizenship through the Court of Rome

3. When you are unable to schedule an appointment with the Consulate, for example, when the online booking system (Prenota Online) shows no available date or time (see the precedent about the Italian Consulate of San Francisco): this condition is set by Judicial Precedents

4. When a Consulate gives you a meeting date more than two years away to submit your Italian citizenship application: this condition is set by Judicial precedents.

5. When your bloodline citizenship is from an Italian woman to her child born before January 1, 1948 (the so-called ‘1948 case’ or more appropiately the ‘1948 rule’): this condition is set by Judicial Precedents. To read more about the 1948 Rule click here.

6. When an Italian woman lost her citizenship because of her marriage to a foreigner (in the US this happened before the Cable Act of September 1922): this condition is set by Judicial Precedents

If you want to know the steps of a judicial proceeding to claim dual citizenship in the Court of Rome, click here.

If you are unsure about whether your case fits one of these categories, call us and an Italian citizenship lawyer will give you free advice on if you can pursue your Italian citizenship through the Court in Rome. 


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