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Inheritance investigation in Italy

This is of the utmost importance when you believe there are unclaimed inheritance assets for you to claim, or you believe that someone has maliciously interfered with your legal inheritance.

Investigation allows you both to quickly discover missing and missapropriated assets and get the evidence you need to claim what is righfully yours. The extent of the investigation depends on each single case: just property and bank records investigation in simpler cases to a full assets investigation in more complicated cases where you have a reasonable suspicion that assets have been illegally hidden or transferred.

Evidence that we gather through the investigation enables us to move along with a claim, to be defined through a settlment or in Court. No claim can be sustained only through believed assets, only proven assets. This principle is also a fundamental rule of a civil claim: the claimant shall prove the right brought before the Court and the judge will make no investigation to sustain the claimant’s right. If the claimant fails to prove his/her right, the claim is rejected.

When we engage in inheritance cases, investigation on the assets of the estate is the first step of our work, and the extent of the investigation is always agreed with our clients before a formal engagement.

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