MY LAWYER IN ITALY testimonials

avatar 2 of MLI testimonial about us Italian Lawyers“I can’t express enough how much help Arturo and his team were to my efforts. Perhaps the most significant outcome was that I was able to reduce the wait time from literally years to just a few weeks. This was incredible!

Besides the fantastic results, Arturo made the process very easy and guided me along each step of the way taking a lot of the stress out of the application process. Well above and beyond my expectations. Well worth the investment!”

John D – Fallbrook, CA


woman avatar for Italian lawyers testmonials“Arturo Grasso was immensely helpful in attaining my Italian citizenship. I had a legal tangle that no one else could solve, and he was able to discover the solution in a short time. In addition, he has very excellent communication skills. I would recommend him to anyone who needs assistance dealing with the Italian Consulate.”

Janine S. T. – Peekskill, NY


woman avatar for Italian lawyers testmonials“Without MLI/ Esq. Arturo Grasso’s assistance, I was facing years of effort in navigating the citizenship system that I already tried, became exhausted with, and was ready to give up on. Thanks to Arturo – mission accomplished – and quickly! Worth every penny ( which was entirely fair and reasonable) – thank you so much”

Nancy M. – Los Angeles USA


woman avatar for Italian lawyers testmonials“Arturo is a result-oriented, motivated, scrupulous, attention to detail manager. His “English” style distinguishes him. His empathy and humanity have made his experience for our company unforgettable.”

Maria De Vita – International Marketing Manager

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