About the firm

MY LAWYER IN ITALY® is a law firm specializing in Italian dual citizenship and inheritance matters, including the sale and purchase of real estate, in Italy.

Founded in 2014 by Attorney Arturo Grasso, the firm has offices in Rome and Orvieto. Our attorneys are authorized to represent clients across the whole of Italy, and the whole team speaks English and Italian.

Claiming one’s right to dual citizenship or an inheritance is an important event in one’s life. It may be challenging or stressful; it can be joyful or lifechanging. Our clients’ journeys are certainly unique and personal, and it is this that motivates Attorney Grasso to excel as their attorney, every step of the way.

The legal team

Arturo Grasso

Avvocato, Attorney-at-law

Attorney Grasso is a leading attorney in the field of Italian dual citizenship, with over 20 years of global trade experience when he founded My Lawyer in Italy.

He was the first attorney to win dual citizenship for a client through a no-appointment court case (San Francisco Consulate), and has built a formidable reputation for navigating the Italian legal and bureaucratic system with skill and success.

Avvocatessa Fiammetta Lesen

Associate Attorney

Fiammetta Lesen is an Associate Attorney at My Lawyer in Italy. She works with Attorney Arturo Grasso providing counsel to clients who need to prevent or resolve conflicts. Her responsibilities include working with clients, conducting legal research, drafting legal documents, and appearing in court.

Eleonora Pimpolari

Paralegal Associate

Eleonora Pimpolari works closely with Attorney Arturo Grasso on all dual citizenship cases, investigating and gathering legal documents for review, assisting clients, witnesses and lawyers, preparing petitions for submission to court and assisting during trials.

Martina Prosperini

Paralegal Associate

Martina Prosperini works with Attorney Grasso and the legal team at My Lawyer in Italy. She plays a key role in studying the case, providing information, supporting the lawyers in the research phase – both in citizenship and inheritance – and other civil and administrative procedures.

Dual Citizenship, Inheritance and Real Estate

Anna Maria Anselmi
Client Relations Manager

Benedetta Barcaroli
Citizenship Assistant

Giada Bolletta
Citizenship Translator

Giada Caneponi
Citizenship Assistant

Deborah Le Bidre
Citizenship Assistant

Sabrina Pezzopane
Citizenship Assistant

Alessandra Testaguzza
Client Relations Manager

Case Analysis

Leonardo Sbarra
Executive Associate

Andrea Ubaldini
Executive Associate


Andrea Chioccia
Senior Financial Officer

Antonella Sciaboletta
Financial Accounts Assistant

Marketing & Operations

Veronica Frau
Office Assistant

Martina Longueira
Chief Operating Officer

Giulia Prosperini
Translation Supervisor

Francesco Stella
IT Technician