News update: On June 22, 2022, new legislation regarding Citizenship by Descent became effective (art. 36 law 206/2021). As of that date proceedings for the establishment of Italian citizenship must be submitted to the District Court in the ancestor’s native town.

Claiming Your Citizenship Before The Italian Courts

While you can apply for dual citizenship at any Italian consulate in the world, or at the city hall of an Italian city where you are a resident, there are also several options for applying directly to the Italian Courts. 

In some instances you can only obtain Italian citizenship if you bring your case before the Italian Courts (for example, in cases involving the 1948 rule or when a consulate rejects your application). There are, however, other circumstances in which you can decide yourself to bring a case before the Italian Courts (for example, when a consulate delays processing your citizenship application for over two years).

Italian Courts are competent jurisdiction in Italy to deal with bloodline (jure sanguinis) Italian citizenship cases. MY LAWYER IN ITALY® can act as your Italian ci