Court fee changes: how much will you pay for civil procedures (dual citizenship)?

How much will people filing to Court have to pay for civil procedures? Civil cases: summary and simplified procedures With the approval of the Cartabia reform and law # 197/2022, from March 1st, 2023, declaratory summary proceedings will be replaced by simplified procedures as per art. 281 decies and ss C.P.C. Citizenship by Descent, new […]

The Minor Case: the approach of Local Courts of Italy

In Italian dual citizenship, a case is a Minor Case if an Italian parent naturalized after his/her child was born. Though the child was a minor, they lost their Italian citizenship. A New Approach to 1948 Cases by the Court of Rome +1 (800) 205-9142 (U.S. & Can)

Paternity test ruled admissible, despite alleged father being deceased

The case in question involves a relationship between a wealthy man and his secretary and director of domestic staff, which resulted in a daughter being born but never recognized as the man’s child. In 1953 the man died and shortly thereafter his only heir passed away aswell. The gap between deaths was in fact so […]

How suppressing a will can lead to being excluded from succession

The court outlines two conditions for this sanction to be applied: b) the voluntary destruction of a will. In cases where an heir is accused of destroying a will, destruction of the document (even if the holder is not aware of its content) is sufficient grounds for exclusion from succession.  The doctrine does not apply […]

American Lawyers vs. Avvocati Italiani

American Attorneys, Avvocati Italiani and differences between them There are perhaps more similarities than differences when comparing American and Italian lawyers, but there are key points of departure nevertheless. Before jumping into what those are, let us pause to consider the terminology used when referring to legal practitioners in the two countries. In the United […]

How Precedents in Italian Law Work

When considering the substantial differences that exist between the “case law” of a common law court decision or the “precedent” of an Italian court, it is instructive to examine how the differing courts function.  A common law court relies on existing precedents for decisions, but may alter or diverge from precedents which are outdated or […]