Court fee changes: how much will you pay for civil procedures (dual citizenship)?

How much will people filing to Court have to pay for civil procedures? Civil cases: summary and simplified procedures With the approval of the Cartabia reform and law # 197/2022, from March 1st, 2023, declaratory summary proceedings will be replaced by simplified procedures as per art. 281 decies and ss C.P.C. Citizenship by Descent, new […]

The Minor Case: which Italian Dual Citizenship petitions are getting rejected?

The word Minor Case in Italian Citizenship has been long used to mean that if an Italian father naturalized after his child was born, though still a minor, that child retained Italian Citizenship. This legal argument is based on the Consulate practice to take Italian Citizenship applications. This practice derives from a precedent set by […]

Developments in the Rome Court of Appeals Ease Path to Italian Citizenship

(September 1st, 2021) Please read below articles if you wish to see how the history of this issue evolved. This new approach has been staunchly opposed by lawyers dealing with citizenship cases in Rome. Their argument is that Article 7, and not Article 12, of Law No. 555 of 1912 must be applied in such […]