Italian Real Estate: Can Americans buy property in Italy?

Is it possible to buy property in Italy without dual citizenship or without Italian residency? Although not all non-EU residents can acquire property in Italy, it is perfectly legal for Americans because of a reciprocity treaty between Italy and the United States. This agreement allows Italian citizens to buy property in America and vice-versa. Those […]

Tony Soprano’s Will: Italian and American Inheritance Laws

Beyond the high asset value (estimated at $70 million), many experts found hiw will to be poorly constructed, due to unwise tax planning and inadequate real estate structures. According to the terms of Mr. Gandolfini’s will, a home he owned in Italy was to be split equally between Michael – Gandolfini’s first son – and […]

Adverse possession of jointly-owned properties by family members

  All these questions were addressed in a recent ruling by the Supreme Court of Italy (Court of Cassation). The court reaffirmed that use of a property over a long period can add legitimacy to a claim of ownership. However, as will be seen in this case, adverse possession can’t be used to dispossess co-owners […]