Italian Dual Citizenship Benefits

Benefits of Italian Dual Citizenship Italian Dual Citizenship brings with it a variety of benefits, which include access to healthcare, education, and social security. Enrollment in these programs requires establishing residency in Italy (moving your residency back to the US would result in loss of benefits). The most immediate and arguably essential benefit Italian citizenship [...]

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Italian dual Citizenship and Last Name Issues

How to keep last name if you become an Italian dual citizen. Changing a surname in Italy has long been a difficult process, with the default position being that one's surname at birth is fixed and unchangeable. Furthermore, according to Italian law children are to be given the surname of the father, although recently a [...]

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The dual citizenship proceeding before the Court of Rome

Steps in a Dual Citizenship Court Proceeding in Rome The below Italian Dual Citizenship Court Proceeding applies when a lawsuit is filed before the Court of Rome claiming citizenship as descendant of an Italian-born ancestor. A citizenship claim can be brought before the Court of Rome only if citizenship is denied by a consulate [...]

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Italy’s Supreme Court vs. US Supreme Court

Italy's Supreme Court and the Supreme Court of the United States: How do these highest courts in the land match up? On the most fundamental level, the differences that exist between the highest courts of Italy and the United States reflect their respective legal systems; Italy based on a civil law system and the United [...]

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Unavailable dates for an appointment?

When the Consulate has no appointment dates available. The Court of Rome has recently ruled that if the Consulate has no available date for the appointment within two years, the applicant is entitled to move to Court. According to the Italian procedural rules for citizenship by descend, an action can be brought to Court only [...]

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Precendents in the Italian Justicial System

Italian Judicial Precedents vs. Case-Law When considering the substantial differences that exist between the "case law" of a common law court decision or the "precedent" of an Italian court, it is instructive to examine how the differing courts function. A common law court relies on existing precedents for decisions, but may alter or diverge [...]

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Italian Public Notary vs. US Notary

An Italian public notary, or notaio, is a public officer who operates in every area of law and is empowered by the Italian State to draft or authenticate documents, agreements or contracts. Unlike a lawyer representing the interests of a client, a notary places neutrality and fidelity to the law above all. As officers vested [...]

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The Salvini Decree is law

On November 27, 2018 the Chamber of Deputies approved the Salvini Decree. 396 members were favourable, 99 contrary. The conversion law no. 132/2018 came into force Dec 4, 2018. The Salvini Decree brought several changes in the Italian citizenship law n. 91 of 1992, as: to acquire citizenship through marriage or residence in Italy [...]

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The Salvini Decree update

The Salvini Decree has the go-ahead from the Senate (one of the two houses of the Italian Parliament).  The Senate voted for converting the decree into law on November 7, 2018. However, some changes were made to the initial text of the decree. Here are the changes: (new) To acquire citizenship through marriage or residence in [...]

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The Salvini Decree on immigration and Italian citizenship

A recent decree which became effective October 5, 2018 has brought some substantial changes to the Italian citizenship law.  Known as the Salvini Decree it provides these changes: Proceedings for granting citizenship (a) by marriage or (b) by residence in Italy may now last 48 months (previously 24 months) Proceedings for citizenship iure sanguinis involving events prior to 1948 [...]

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Italy’s Constitutional Court

Italy's Constitutional Court The Constitutional Court of the Italian Republic, or Consulta, is Italy's highest court regarding matters of constitutional law. In keeping with the framers' notion of a "rigid" constitution and a centralized system, the court was designed as an ad hoc organ for constitutional justice separate from the judiciary. The court resolves controversies [...]

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