Dual citizenship: the benefits of an Italian passport

Italian Dual Citizenship is the first step to securing your Italian passport. Despite the citizenship process being complex and confusing, there are so many benefits to getting this highly sought-after identity document, that the wait will be worth it.

The Italian passport is one of the strongest identity documents in the world. It will give you freedom of movement across the European Union (EU), removing border control in the Schengen area, and allowing its holders to move with relative freedom in over 150 countries.


In addition to free movement, an Italian passport allows you to live, retire, work and study in Italy and across the European Union (EU).

You will also have access to Italian and European healthcare and education systems. You will gain the right to vote in local, national, and European elections. In addition, if you are a dual Italian American citizen, you will have tax benefits, because dual citizenship does not translate into paying double taxes.

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